The Professional Programme offers mentoring for dancers age 12-17 wanting to intensify their dance training.

Focused on preparing dancers for professional work/full time training in the dance industry the programme has a strong foundation in building advanced technique. 

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Time is spent on audition preparation, including tips and tricks and mock auditions with unseen material in a safe and friendly environment.

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There will be sessions that focus on competitive dancing and how to take your performance to the next level. As well as tips on what judges look for and help with improvisational competitions. We will also discuss strategies for managing nerves and methods to help dancers stand out when there are multiple dancers on the floor. 

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This ongoing programme will provide dancers with the chance to take part in extra dance performances, filming, events, workshops, trips, volunteering opportunities and much more. 

This programme will support pupils through their competitive dancing careers, GCSE and A Level dance courses and help prepare them for the future whether it's Dance College, University or the Broadway stage.

As well as focusing heavily on advanced movement training the sessions will also encourage dancers to work on their dance observation and perception along with their  analytical skills which will give them a great head start in the world of dance education.

These sessions will introduce the dancers to working in the industry, and how to write a professional CV/personal statement for this sector.

Sessions will help dancers explore their creativity much more deeply in choreography, improvisation and explorative tasks, whilst helping them to gain a mature understanding of their own personal dance style and unique expression beyond the kicks and tricks.

There will also be the chance for dancers to work on their professional show-reels and start to build their working portfolios with the help and support of the coaches. 

This programme aims to give dancers an in depth understanding of the fundamental elements of their dance training. Pupils will spend time learning about dance science, health and well being and how to stretch and strengthen their muscles safely.

Whilst learning to take care of their dancing bodies students will also work on managing their alignment and turn out to prevent injuries.

As part of this the programme will incorporate elements of yoga, pilates and ballet training. 

The programme includes excellent opportunities including a range of workshops with guest practitioners from the dance industry.

Dancers will be given chance to set and discuss their own personal long and short term goals and receive support in working towards these and their next steps.


The classes will focus not only on improving body conditioning, muscle memory, flexibility and advanced combination skills such as jumps and turns but also on complex sequences and brain exercises that will help enhance coordination.

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There will be an element of contact and partner work as well as taught repertoire which will be put together with task material to construct pieces in a more mature fashion and that which mimics the professional work we see today. 

AGE 12 - 17