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At Gifford Dance it is no surprise, that as Rebecca and Lucie both competed to national level as acrobatic gymnastic partners, we specialise in acro dance and the fusion between dance and gymnastics. As a result of this most of our classes feature an element of acro. This class is purely focused on the good stuff – flips, tricks and bendy bits. These sessions are tons of fun and cover a range of acrobatic skills which will enhance your dancing. Lot’s of time is spent on your individual tumbles, agilities and stands, which once mastered can be converted and incorporated into class routines. We are fortunate enough to have both a full sized acropad and a large traditional air track.

There are also drills and exercises for strength, flexibility and balance with a gymnastic focus. In addition, classes incorporate partner acrobatics and allow dancers chance to develop their skills as bases and tops trying more advanced lifts, balances and dynamic moves.



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