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The wonderful Margarita Cook leads our ballet sessions. Margarita started ballet when she was 7 years old. She studied professionally in the Higher Private Professional Dance School “NIKI KONTAXAKI” – NIKOLETTA’S BAKALI” in Greece for three years where she trained Russian system ballet and contemporary dance (mostly Limon technique). 
Since achieving her Diploma as a dance teacher for both Ballet and Contemporary dance, she has gone on to accomplish a masters degree in the UK in “CHOREOGRAPHY & DANCE PERFORMANCE.”

She has worked as a ballet teacher in both Athens and London and is proud to have placed fourth in ballet at the International Dance Competition in Greece. She has taken part in many professional productions and we are extremely fortunate to have her as part of our team.

Margarita Cook

Ballet is an excellent foundation to help develop all areas of dance. These classes will improve dancers posture and positioning as well as helping with their placement for technique. Ballet classes cover a wide range of exercises and help embed structure, balance, coordination, strength, and poise. This is a great way to broaden you repertoire whilst developing transferable skills that are invaluable for all your dance training.

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