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At Gifford Dance we run our classes a little differently. Rather than having all our classes in set genres, to begin with, we ask that all of our dancers enrol in one of our base classes which acts as their membership. These classes cover a whole range of styles, techniques and practices. This is ideal for our new beginners and younger members as it helps them gain a range of experiences so they can work out where their strengths lie and what they enjoy. However it is also hugely beneficial for our more experienced and advanced members as it helps us to produce well rounded dancers that are comfortable in any role.

Some of the styles we include in base classes are: Acro Dance, Street, Disco, Commercial, Contemporary, Slow, Rock and Roll, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Improvisation Technique, Jazz and Cheer.

At GDA we regularly encourage our dancers to perform in public, building their confidence and we love nothing more than a dance show.

Of course many of our dancers want to do more and we have lots of additional classes that you can add on to this standard package should you wish to. 

We currently run fourteen different base classes each week and so every individual dancer is placed in the class we feel will best suit them.

Gifford Mini Team Perform at Blackpool Opera House November 2022

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