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Destination Dance! Best in Show!!!

This weekend was an exciting one for us as Gifford Dance took part in the Destination Dance Competition in Kent. This is a large national competition and the weekend included 448 routines.

On Saturday we took 11 soloists to perform and they certainly did us proud. Many were going solo for the very first time and every dancer gave it their all, truly deserving the following awards which they received: 6 silver medals, 3 gold medals and 2 gold plus medals and a first place in category. It is an outstanding achievement to attain a gold plus and qualifies these dancers through to nationals!

On Sunday it was Rebecca and Lucie’s turn to dance. They received first place for their duet and Lucie also did a solo. For the solo she received first place, a platinum medal, a scholarship award and WAS JUDGED THE VERY BEST IN THE WHOLE WEEKEND SHOW, which included all the solos, duos, trios and group dances!!!! What a wonderful weekend for GDA.

Well done everyone!

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